Will tanning make me turn orange?
No, tanning alone won’t ever turn your skin orange. When you see someone that appears to be “orange” it’s because they either got a bad spray tan or they used a tanning lotion too often and with too much bronzers in it for their skin tone.

Why should I use tanning lotion?
Tanning lotion is specially made to be used while indoor tanning. The lotion increases melanin production, which results in a better tan. It also hydrates the skin. This is very important because regularly tanning can dry out your skin, and dry skin reflects light. When you moisturize your skin before tanning you are allowing the UV rays to penetrate your skin more deeply, thus giving you a darker tan.

How many minutes should I start off with if I’ve never been tanning before?
This varies from person to person depending on their skins ability to tan. When you first start tanning at our salon we have you fill out what is called a Skin Sensitivity Sheet. After you answer all the questions you receive a score and this determines how sensitive your skin is to UV rays. After we determine that we will then suggest a time to start out with accordingly, and you can gradually build up your time as your skin gets more tan.

Do I need to wear the goggles provided?
Yes! A lot of people think it’s okay to just close their eyes while they tan so they don’t have to wear the goggles. What they don’t know is that the skin on the eyelid is so thin that 75% of UV rays actually pass right through the eyelid and into the eye. After extended exposure without proper eye protection the UV rays can severely damage the cornea, retina, or cause cataracts.AF Tanning Salon- Warren Village

What is the difference between high pressure tanning beds and regular beds?
When you tan in a regular tanning bed the bulbs emit both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays give you a more golden tan while UVB rays are the ones that create a reddish tone and can burn if you overexpose your skin to them. A high pressure tanning bed eliminates the UVB rays and therefore gives you a better looking tan in a shorter time period. People who use high pressure beds will find that after they have a nice base tan they will only have to go once a week to maintain the color. People who use regular beds will most likely have to go more often to maintain the same color.


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